Small Package Delivery

Let us take care of your office package deliveries for you.  Give us a call to get a helping-hand with your daily office errands:  picking up office supplies, bank deliveries, even delivering a hot lunch!

wp99257606_05_06Yellow Cab & Transfer Co. is an approved docket holder, PA PUC A106294, serving hospitals and medical facilities in a 7-county area.  We can pick up and deliver patient records, films, lab draws and scripts.  We can provide you with delivery service to a hospital, laboratory facility, pharmacy, patient’s home or another medical provider’s office.  Unscheduled STAT lab deliveries are not a problem.

With just one phone call, we can set up a Direct Billing Account.  Any time you might need our services, simply call us.  We will quickly radio dispatch a cab and your staff won’t have to stop their daily tasks to pay — we will invoice your office for all services.